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Self-development training courses in English

Our offer of training courses in the field of personal development in English among others communication, stress management and assertivness.

Opis szkolenia

In our offer you can find training courses in English about variety topics according to self - development. If you are attracted, let us know what subjects are you interested in. We can conduct workshop about:

  • communication:
    • how to improve your communications skills, 
    • what makes your communication unsuccessful,
    • what is your communication style, 
    • how to identify your interlocutor’s communication style and how use that knowledge to better understand him/her,
    • what is active listening and how you can use it to improve you communication;
  • assertiveness:
    • how to distinguish assertive and aggressive behaviours, 
    • how to implement assertive techniques in your everyday behaviour, 
    • how react to critics in assertive way, 
    • how strengthen your self-esteem;  
  • feedback:
    • why is feedback so important in building effective teams, 
    • what are the techniques of giving feedback, 
    • how to prepare to give feedback, 
    • how to cope with difficult situations according to giving feedback;
  • coping with stress:
    • how identify your typical reactions for stress, 
    • what are the stressors which make you feel stress, 
    • what are the techniques of coping with stress.

If you are interested in any of those topics, let us know. We can also mix them up after executing examination of your needs. 
We create workshops for managers, CEO’s and workers, for beginners and advanced participants. 
All of our workshop are conducted in active ways, which means that your employees will be participate in discussions, games, individual and group exercises.   
Program of your training course will be prepared in according to your needs. Before every workshop we conduct external needs examination, which includes conversations, surveys and analysis.


The training program, as well as the topics covered and the activities performed, depend primarily on the issue you want to raise. Each time the trainer selects the most effective tools to solve your problem depending on its field, complexity and area.


Depending on the topic, we select an expert who will respond to your needs in the most effective way. Each of our trainers with experience and knowledge necessary to conduct workshops and meetings.


Training courses can take place online and stationary, depending on preferences and pandemic conditions.


The price of tarining course is determined individually depending on the topic, time and form of the meeting.


Feel free to contact me in case of any questions and needs:

Zuzanna Sobolewska

Training Projects Specialist

phone: 22 880 06 29

e - mail:

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